Postura Plus Student Music Chair

Postura Plus Student Music Chair

Designed to ensure students can play their instruments more ergonomically and comfortably. 

The slight tilt to the front, improves posture and keeps students fresh and free from fatigue. With its curved ‘waterfall’ edge and forward perching design, it does not cut-off blood circulation to the student.

Features & Benefits:

• Creates a forward tilt, utilising a 510mm high back leg and 460mm high legs at the front.

• Suitable for good posture whilst playing musical instruments.

• Moulded links on the side of the chair allow multiple chairs to be linked together in row.

• Back ventilation is suitable for the Australian climate.

• Easy to clean, anti-static polypropylene stays cleaner and looks better longer.

• Seat pad available in a wide selection of fabrics.

• Hot Stamping on the front of the backrest.
Warranty: 20 YEARS