Sebel Smart Straight Bookcase

Pair the Straight Bookcase with standard height tables to increase your working surface area with the bonus of close-to-hand storage of belongings and resources. Combine the Straight Bookcase with standard height lounges to create unique seating and meeting zones for students and teachers to enjoy, offering privacy and division of spaces.

The timeless finishes of White and Sublime Teak make these units easy to integrate into your spaces. With a generous 450mm depth, there is ample storage capacity for books, files or tubs - functional storage that also looks great!

Size: 1200mm Wide x 450mm Deep x 725mm or 905mm High

Colours: Polar White, Oyster Grey or Sublime Teak

Features & Benefits:

• Durable castors allow for easy manoeuvrability.

• Made from safe E0 board that inhibits bacteria and mould growth.

• 725mm height allows them to be configured and incorporated with desks and other standard height furniture.

• Available in two height options: 725mm and 905mm.

Warranty: 5 YEARS