Mindfull Laylow Pad

The Lay Low Pad creates a comfortable and personal area for sitting or lying. The pads can easily be flipped to provide contrasting textures allowing students to decide their sensory experience.

The Laylow Pad can work in multiples, in conjunction with the Laylow Raft, or stacked in the Hideaway Hood. Composed of a soft fabric outer stuffed for added comfort.

Size: 400mm Wide x 400mm Deep x 150mm High

Colour: Blue, Green, Orange or Red

Features & Benefits:

  • Dual textured upholstery allows alternate sensory experiences.

  • Increases student comfort allowing them to stay focused for longer.

  • Materials, colours and textures directly inspired by nature.

  • Commercial grade upholstery.

  • WiseWool inner fill.

  • Made from Wool Blend Fabric, Polyester Blend Fabric.

Warranty: 2 YEARS