Mindfull Laylow Raft

The Lay Low Raft can be folded, coiled or curled to create personal or shared spaces. Upholstered in contrasting textures allows students to decide their sensory experience.

The Laylow raft can be paired with the Laylow Pad or draped inside the Hideaway Hood for a complete sensory experience. Enable kids to craft their own space with the flexibility of the Laylow Raft.

Recommended for Early learning areas:

Size: 1000mm Long x 450mm Wide x 70mm High

Colours: Blue, Green, Orange & Red

Features & Benefits:

  • Creates a flexible and adaptable low-to-ground breakout area.

  • Dual textured upholstery allows alternate sensory experiences.

  • Increases student comfort allowing them to stay focused for longer.

  • Materials, colours and textures directly inspired by nature.

  • Commercial grade upholstery.

  • Made from Wool Blend Fabric, Polyester Blend Fabric. 

Warranty: 2 YEARS