Postura Plus Reverse Cantilever Chair

Ultra-durable, stylish and seriously comfortable for long sitting times, the Postura® Plus Reverse Cantilever Chair is perfect for learning spaces and training rooms.
Built with a premium durable shell and strong fully welded reverse cantilever steel frame, this practical design will ensure that these chairs stand up to the rigours of constant use. Not only is the Postura® Plus Reverse Cantilever Chair lightweight, stain-resistant, antistatic and easy to clean, they can also be stacked efficiently and stored for easy accessibility.


Shell Colour: Black, Dark Grey, Slate, Navy, Blue, Aqua, Pine Lime, Avocado, Jaffa & Grape

Frame Colour: warm grey Reverse Cantilever

Size: Height 460mm (seat: 510mm x 460mm) 

Features & Benefits: 

• Provides an ergonomic and comfortable floating feeling due to the reverse cantilever design.

• Perfect lumbar position for sitting for long periods of time.

• Stackable over the edge of a desk or table for floor cleaning.

• Sturdy one-piece gas injection moulded shell.

• Back ventilation suitable for warmer climates.

• Easy to clean, anti-static polypropylene stays cleaner and looks better longer.

• Lightweight for students to move around.

Warranty: 20 YEARS