Sebel Pirouette Rectangle Flip Table - Rigid Edge

The ultimate 'nesting' table solution. The flip tables feature a simple one-handed side latch to allow users to flip and nest groups of tables with ease.

Conceived from conversations with the market, we noticed that there was a lack of nesting tables that allowed ease of collaboration without ‘hogging’ real estate. The simple and convenient flip mechanism is easily accessible, making reconfiguring a space fast and effortless, creating a seamless experience for both teaching staff and students.

Features & Benefits:

• Space saving folding and nesting table solutions.

• Solid and durable metal frame and leg system.

• Durable structural board with a laminated top finish.

• Easy one-handed side latch to allow for easy flip and nest.

• Durable lockable castors make it easy to reconfigure and nest.

• Maximised leg spacing (and clearance) enhances user experience.

• Articulating leg enables simple leg-within-leg nesting solution.

• Sleek minimalist design profile.


Warranty: 10 YEARS